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West Wayne Preserve

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  1. Environmental Area


Radnor Township acquired West Wayne Preserve in 1996 for use as a stormwater management area and nature-related recreational exploration area. Located at the corner of South Devon Avenue and Conestoga Road, this heavily wooded open space was once overgrown weeds, vines, and trash.  In 1997, the area underwent a major clean up to transform it into a passive open space recreation area. Abutting the Radnor Trail, the site is viewed every day by users of the trail as well as the residents of the surrounding West Wayne neighborhood. To date, no further development of the site has occurred.

Features & Amenities
West Wayne Preserve (renamed from Levin Tract as per Resolution 2009-23) is an undeveloped woodland nature area with the purpose of protecting the open space of Radnor Township. The 6.4 acre wooded area is home to trees, bushes, and other natural flora indigenous to the area. The area is a great place to explore for those that love being outdoors and enjoying all the natural landscape has to offer.

Additional Information

Acres: 6.4
GPS Coordinates:
40 02.566N
075 23.892W