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Friends of the Radnor Trail Park


  1. Nature Trail
  2. Parking
  3. Restrooms
  4. Walking Track


The Friends of Radnor Trail Park is one of the newest additions to the Township’s list of developed parks. The park was formerly known as D’Antonio Tract, an area of land the Township purchased from the D’Antonio family in 2002 for use as an open recreational area. Friends of Radnor Trail Park was developed and formally opened in May 2009.  Situated along the Radnor Trail, the park is an ideal location to stop and take a break when walking or riding along the trail and adds to the sites community members witness as they use the trail.

Features & 
Nestled between West Wayne Avenue and the Radnor Trail, Friends of Radnor Trail Park is an open air park tucked away from the surrounding residential neighborhood. The park features a large, grassy area for dogs, and restrooms.  A paved walking path connects the park to both South Devon and West Wayne Avenues. An off-street parking lot and ADA accessible ramp help to make this park a convenient access point to the Radnor Trail.

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