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Recreation Program Evaluation

  1. Radnor Township Recreation & Community Programming Department Program Evaluation Form
    Recently, you (or your child) participated in a Radnor Township Recreation & Community Programming Department sponsored program. The members of our department work diligently to ensure that our participants receive quality programming and superior service. In order to be sure that these standards are maintained, we ask that participants complete and return the following evaluation. Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  2. Rating Scale:
    1: Poor 2: Fair 3: Average 4: Great 5: Excellent
  3. Did the content of this program meet your expectations?*
  4. Did the participant find the content of the program to be stimulating?*
  5. Do you believe that the content of the program was age appropriate?*
  6. How would you rate the instructor(s) within the program?*
  7. Overall, how would you rate the program?*
  8. Thank you again for your time and feedback!
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