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Report Potholes

  1. Report Potholes

    As the winter thaws and potholes continue to appear, Radnor Township Public Works is working hard to fill as many as possible. If you should come across a pothole on a road in Radnor Township, please report it to our Public Works Department by calling (610) 688-5600 x 158 or fill out the form below. Please provide the location of the pothole so that the Public Works team can repair it as soon as possible. When driving, please use caution near puddles and standing water, as a pothole may lurk beneath the surface.

  2. To report maintenance issues or potholes on state-owned roads, call 1-800-FIXROAD and PennDOT will review the issue and make the fix.
  3. Radnor Township Public Works is working hard to fill the potholes as they are reported. There may be some areas that crews must visit several times in order to address the spots where the blacktop has popped out due to the weather and traffic. Over the next month or two the Public Works crews will be dedicated to filling potholes on Township roads. Your assistance in using this notification system and patience is greatly appreciated.
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