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The Willows Park


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Willows Park is a 47.5-acre estate purchased by Radnor Township in 1973 from the Zantzinger family. Situated at the end of a long, winding driveway is the beautifully restored three-story mansion. The mansion was built in 1910 for John Sinnott Jr., for his wife, and referred to as Rose Garland. The mansion and 47.5 acres that now make up the park were purchased by Clarence Geist in 1937 as a wedding present for his daughter. The estate was then called Maral Brook, which was a combination of their first names, Mary and her husband, Alfred Zantzinger. The site was renamed The Willows because of the beautiful willow trees that surround the property. The mansion still contains many of the original  architectural features that add to the historical value of the property. The Cottage (or gatehouse), formerly called the garage and stable, or the carriage house, was a multipurpose building. It housed estate employees, stabled horses and other animals of the estate, housed cars, and was the first point of contact visitors made to the estate. It housed the many species of livestock that lived on the property during the Zantzinger’s from the 1930’s to the 1960’s.

Features & Amenities    

The property is an irresistible combination of quiet elegance within the mansion and unsurpassed beauty of the landscaped grounds surrounding it. Features include a picturesque pond with flowing fountains, sweeping panoramas of stately trees, and flowering plants. The grounds are great for a hike, lunch in the picnic area, or just to sit on a bench and take in the scenery.
Click here to see the Willows Park Tree Inventory (2018)

Additional Information

Acres: 47.5
Ward: 6
GPS Coordinates:
40 01.393N
075 23.697W
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The Willows Mansion:

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