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Posted on: August 2, 2018

Health Alert

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Mosquito Spray Update - August 7, 2018

Since the Health Alert and notifications that went out last week regarding the Mosquito/West Nile Season and a mosquito control spray, several calls and emails have come into the Township with questions about details of the spraying as well as concerns about the safety of the spray. The following information may be helpful with some of these concerns:

Once we get formal notification from our County Coordinator, we will have more details and specific information about the spray. The Pennsylvania West Nile Virus Control Program has a website that has some really good information. It lists all the counties in Pennsylvania that are testing mosquitoes as well as where in Pennsylvania they’ve sprayed so far. It also lists the Adulticides that have been used this season, there is a good chance we will see one of them listed under the Upcoming Events Tab. Here is a link to that site.

Regarding the safety of the Adulticide, The Township Health Officer has received many calls about this topic since the Radnor Health Alert was shared. Here is a link from the United States Environmental Protection Agency. (EPA) This site mentions Adulticides are used for mosquito control and do not pose risks to the public or environment when it’s applied according to the label. It will be a licensed professional administering the spray.

The CDC does state that you can stay indoors during the spray, but also states this is not necessary. The Township Health Officer believes the spray is an ultra-low volume Adulticide and about an ounce per acre is released into the air to kill flying adult mosquitos.

Mosquitoes Test Positive for West Nile Virus in Radnor - What you need to know from the Township Health Department

It has have been reported to us by the PA West Nile Surveillance Program that mosquitoes have tested positive for West Nile Virus throughout Pennsylvania and in Radnor, including these areas: 

Tower Road, Radwyn Apartments, Ravenscliffe Road, Robinhood Road, Dartmouth Road, Martha Brown Woods, Fenimore Park and lthan Valley Park.


For more information on testing and locations in PA visit:

In the event the DEP decides to spray our area for mosquito control, we will take steps to inform the community. For your convenience, we've attached an application for the Pesticide Hypersensitivity Registry. Once you complete this application, you should mail it to: PDA 2301 North Cameron Street. Harrisburg, Pa 17110. You will be notified once you are added to the Registry.

West Nile Virus is most commonly spread to people by bites from infected mosquitos, therefore, the best way to avoid contracting the disease is to prevent mosquito bites!

What you should do to protect yourself and your family:

  • Many mosquitos are active from dusk until dawn- if you are out during this time, take precautions
  • Use Insect repellent. Visit this link for EPA guidelines
  • Always follow instructions when applying insect repellent to children
  • When mosquitos are most active, wear long sleeved shirts and pants
  • Treat your clothing, boots, socks and gear
  • Take steps to Mosquito Proof your home; repair holes in screens and doors to keep mosquitoes outside, use air conditioning when available, clean, scrub, turn over or throw out items that hold water

For more information visit: or visit:

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