Radnor Citizens Police Organization


”Building a Safer Radnor, Together”

A community-based, non-profit organization to facilitate public safety and Radnor’s community policing philosophy
Develop a trusting and collaborative interaction with the RPD.
Train and give volunteer opportunities to Radnor residents to help make our community safer.
Assist RPD in protecting and serving Radnor by providing additional services to Radnor residents.

It’s easy to make a difference in your community!  

Be a resident of Radnor Township age 18 or older
To apply please email: contact@radnorcitizenspolice.org
A clean background check and approval by Superintendent of Police
Attend training and volunteer at least 12 hours of service in a 12-month period

How we operate:





Founder - Jeff Stacey
President -  John Talucci
Vice President -  Patty Ceppa
Treasurer -  Chris Kelleher

Board of Directors

1. John Talucci (At-large)- Town Watch Lead
2. Pete Vloedman (At-large)- CERT Lead
3. Tom Bynum (At-large)
4. Debbie Lurie (At-large)

Advisory Board (non-voting)

1. Chief Christopher Flanagan- RPD
2. Lt. Shawn Dietrich- RPD
3. Jeff Stacey- President, Radnor Town Watch

How can you get involved:

Citizen’s Police Academy (CPA)
Program designed to provide Radnor residents with a working knowledge of the Radnor Township Police Department.   This education and informative program allows citizens the opportunity to learn more about the issues that affect law enforcement in Radnor and the country.
To sign up, please click here

Town Watch 
Provides police operational support for special community events as well as patrol opportunities to help the RPD with community safety.  Works with community organizations to provide support and education on safety.  Works closely with RPD to extend ‘eyes and ears’ into the community.    To fill out an application, please click here 

Community Emergency Response Training (CERT)
In the event of a natural disaster or other incident that effects the community, the CERT training program trains volunteers on how to support first-responders and the community.  For more information on CERT, please click here

Police Operational Support/Special Projects

Members aid RPD in the day –to-day operations and functions of the department.  Additionally, the RCPO is going to be adding community-based projects for the schools, elderly and to provide victim assistance.

Contact Info

Radnor Township Building
301 Iven Ave.
Wayne, PA  19087

Phone:  610-688-5600  x113

Email:  contact@radnorcitizenspolice.org