Saving Hallowed Ground

Saving Hallowed Ground promotes engagement with and appreciation of the past by connecting individuals and communities with historic preservation and commemoration initiatives.

As an organization, we work to generate a deep link between communities and local history by involving individuals in the work of historic preservation and commemoration. By engaging in historic preservation activities, planting memorial trees, and unfurling our American flag, we strive to strengthen the links between individuals and the history of the communities in which they live. By encouraging communities to think deeply about their history and to actively participate in preservation and commemoration initiatives, our goal is to help create a stronger appreciation of the past, a deeper level of civic engagement, and a firmer commitment to the good stewardship of community resources.

Saving Hallowed Ground is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization who receives support from the Uncommon Individual Foundation (

For more information about our organization and programs, please contact:

Eugene Hough, Co-Founder/President,

80 Lancaster Avenue - Suite 200
Devon, PA  19333-1331
Phone:  (484) 367-5010

Saving Hallowed Ground