Radnor Memorial Library Proposed Expansion

Library Expansion and Renovation Project Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening at RML?
An expansion and full renovation! In 2014 Radnor Township and RML applied for and received a Keystone Grant from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania to replace the HVAC system, add an elevator and renovate restrooms. The Board of RML realized this was the right time to expand the library – by combining these projects we will save a great deal of time and money.

What exactly is planned for the building?
The plans include a 6,700 square foot addition, new HVAC system, renovated bathrooms including a family bathroom, quiet study rooms, dedicated teen space, an expanded children’s library, small group meeting rooms, an entrance facing West Wayne Avenue and more.

What is the timeline for the project?
Currently the project is in the design and development phase, which will be completed by the end of 2015. At the completion of this phase there will be a more accurate budget and detailed timeline. The project will then go to bid in early 2016 and construction is scheduled to begin in May/June 2016.

How much will this project cost?
As the project is still in the design and development phase the rough estimate is currently $4.4 million to $5.4 million.

How will this project be paid for?
The project will be funded with a combination of private and public funding including the Keystone Grant, funds from RML’s trust, foundation grants, donations from individuals and families through our capital campaign, and additional public funding from Radnor Township. 100% of the RML Board has made personal financial commits to the project as well as many staff members. As the library building is Township-owned, Radnor Township commissioners voted on October 26, 2015 to issue a bond that includes $2.5 million in funding for this project. The capital campaign is not over though. We will continue to raise funds throughout the project in a variety of ways. 

Will this affect my taxes?
The Township bond will have tax implications for Radnor residents. For the median household taxpayer, the increase will be less than $14 a year for the portion related to the library’s project - for less than one bestseller a year, taxpayers will ensure a quality library for the future.

Why haven’t I heard much about this project?
Until this time the capital campaign has been in the “quiet phase,” a time for RML to explore our fundraising capacity and work with individual donors to kick off the campaign. As the discussion of private/public funding options has unfolded, we are able to bring this exciting project to a more public phase.

Who is designing the project?
The Library and Township are working with Kimmel-Bogrette Architecture + Site.

Will the Library have to close?
Yes, the Library will need to close for period of time. We are exploring various ways to provide service during the period of closure, including an alternative service location and outreach programming. We will know more specifics, including an estimated length of closure, when the design and development phase is complete.

What about parking?
The Library parking lot will be regraded and spaces will be realigned. We do not anticipate gaining any spaces, but we will not lose any either. Several spots will, however, be under cover of the new adult reading wing.

Who can I contact if I want more information?
Please contact Anny Laepple, RML’s Executive Director, at 610-687-1124, x. 10 or alaepple@radnorlibrary.org.