Frequently Asked Questions

The Community Development Department has compiled a list of the most asked questions.  If your question is not listed please contact the Department for help.

In which zoning district is my property located?
There are several zoning districts in the Township. Please call the Community Development office at 610-688-5600 and provide us with your address, with this information, the staff will be able to answer your zoning question(s).

What are the setbacks of my property?
By knowing the zoning of your property, it is then easy to determine the setbacks.  With an address the Community Development office will be able to assist you with this information.  You may also visit the Zoning Ordinance to do the research regarding setbacks.

How can I contact the Township's building inspectors?
Residents can contact the Community Development office at 610-688-5600 to speak to or arrange for an appointment to meet if necessary.

How can I go about finding my exact property line?
Your property may have metal pins located in the ground to mark the property corners.  Often these pins are covered or hard to find.  Using a metal detector, the property owner may be able to locate these pins. If your deed does not provide enough information, it is then suggested that you contact a surveyor to assist you with this matter.

Are Use and Occupancy Permits required for re-sales?
Yes, Use and Occupancy Permits are handled through the Engineering Department.

Are landlords required to register rental units?
Yes.  Property owners are required to register rental units with the Township and pay an annual fee based upon the number of dwelling units in a building.

What is the setback for a shed and do I need a permit to install one?
Setback requirements for accessory structures can be viewed in the Zoning Code.  You can also contact the Zoning Officer to to find out your setbacks.  Sheds require two permits, a grading permit and a zoning permit.  A grading permit must be applied for and approved prior to applying for the zoning permit.  In addition, detached accessory structures greater than 200 square feet in size will require a building permit.

What guidelines must I follow for fence installations?
The installation of a new fence or the replacement of an existing fence requires a Zoning Permit.  Fences may be placed along the property line and the good side must face the neighbor.  Fence height is determined by Zoning District as stated in Section 280-109 of the Zoning Code.  Fences installed on corner lots must be reviewed by Traffic Safety prior to approval. Fences that will surround a pool will require a building permit and must meet the pool barrier requirements.

Does the Township have a weed ordinance?
The Township enforces the International Property Maintenance Code.  Weeds and plant growth (other than cultivated flowers and gardens) may be no taller than 12 inches.

What do I need a permit for?
A permit is required for new construction, additions, alterations, and any project that requires structural changes.  Check with the Community Development Department before you make alterations to your home or business.  You will need a permit for: new buildings, additions, interior alterations, structural repair or replacement, swimming pool - spa- hot tub over 24 inches in depth, fences or walls, fireplace, heating and/or air conditioner installation or replacement, plumbing alterations, electrical work, shed, greenhouse, sign, wood deck, patio, porch, roof replacement, alternative energy, changes in use, home occupations, change in commercial tenants and driveways.

Does my contractor need to be licensed?
In most cases your contractor will need to be licensed with the Township.  Check with the Community Development Department to determine specific licensing requirements.

When a consumer witnesses unsanitary conditions in a food facility in Radnor Township what should he/she do?
Contact the Radnor Township Health Officer.

If I believe I became ill after eating in a food facility in Radnor Township what steps should I take?
First, seek medical attention. Write down everything you have eaten and when you ate it over the past 3 days. This should include meals and snacks that were eaten at home or other locations and contact the  Radnor Township Health Officer.

Are there requirements for handling money around food?
The person handling money should not prepare food without first  washing his/her hands with soap, hot running water and disposable paper towels.

Are there general rules for people who prepare your food?

Workers preparing food that does not require further cooking must have a barrier between them and the food, such as gloves ,tongs, spatula, deli paper or some other barrier.  A person preparing pizza needs no barrier because the pizza will be placed in the oven for cooking.  A person preparing a sandwich needs a barrier because the sandwich does not have any further cooking.