Township Real Estate Tax Due Dates


  • February 1 - Tax bills mailed
  • March 31 - Tax bills due for discount amount
  • May 31 - Tax bills due for face amount
  • June 1 - December 31 - 10% penalty added
Please note, these dates are different from the tax deadlines imposed by the Radnor Township School District for school taxes and
Delaware County for county taxes

Penalties & Discounts

Residents who pay their current year's Township tax by March 31 will receive a 2% discount, while Township taxes paid after May 31 are subject to a 10% penalty. If a Radnor Township property owner does not pay their Township tax by February 1 the year after which it was originally due, a lien will be placed against the property, and subject to a Sheriff's Sale to the public, until the delinquent taxes are paid.

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    2018 Township Real Estate Tax Pre-Payments Notice

    If you prepaid your Township taxes, be aware that the tax bill will still reflect the full amount, without any prepayment applied
    Please read for more information
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    Now Accepting Pre-Payment of 2018 Real Estate Taxes

    The Finance Department will be accepting prepayments of 2018 real estate taxes pursuant to the program requirements
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