Cable / FiOS Issues

Have a problem with your cable / FiOS provider?

Radnor Township is a Local Franchise Authority who, together with the Federal Communications Commission, regulates cable television service in the Township. The Township addresses cable problems such as service related rates and charges, tier rates, customer service problems, franchise fees, signal quality, and the use of public, educational, and governmental (PEG) channels.

When experiencing an issue with Comcast or Verizon you should first contact the company itself. If you are still experiencing an issue after contacting the company, please fill out this form

Comcast Cable

  • 800-COMCAST (266-2278)
  • 610-876-5000

Comcast Cable Channels

  • Township Government channel: 5
  • School District channel: 8
  • Radnor Studio 21: 21

Verizon FiOS

  • Basic billing inquiries regarding FiOS TV: 888-553-1555
  • Any other Verizon product or service: 800-483-7988

Verizon FiOS TV Central

Verizon FiOS TV Central allows Verizon FiOS customers means to manage their TV services with Verizon (for example, remotely programming a DVR or setting parental controls).

Verizon FiOS Channels

  • Township Government channel: 30
  • School District channel: 31
  • Radnor Studio 21: 21