Township Real Estate Taxes

All owners of taxable real property in Radnor Township (vacant land or residential, commercial, and other structures) are subject to a real estate tax each year. An owner of tax-exempt real property - such as a church, college, university, or public utility - generally is not subject to the real estate tax. The total assessed value of all tax-exempt properties in Radnor represents about 12 percent of total assessed value of all properties in the Township.


  • PLEASE PUT FOLIO NUMBER ON CHECK MEMO LINE: If multiple parcels/properties are owned by the same person & address, multiple bills are mailed and stacked into one envelope bill. Mail back in the one envelope provided with either one check, noting each folio# or include separate checks with the folio # on each memo line.

Tax Entities

There are 3 different taxing entities to which Radnor property owners pay the real estate tax:

  • Township - Radnor Township
  • School - Radnor Township School District
  • County - Delaware County
The real estate tax is based on a millage rate levied each year by the respective governing bodies of those jurisdictions. For example, the Township real estate tax is set by the Radnor Township Board of Commissioners in December each year as part of the annual budget process; the School District tax is set each spring by the Radnor Township Board of School Directors; and the County Real Estate tax is set each December by the Delaware County Council.

Radnor Township and Your Property Taxes Video Series

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Due Dates and Millage Rates

Township Real Estate Tax Due Dates
Township Real Estate Tax Millage Rates

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