Highway Division

Employees in this division perform diverse duties in maintaining over 100 miles of roadways and byways, such as cleaning storm sewers, paving and sweeping streets, leaf collection, removing weeds from municipal parking lots, digging ditches, repairing potholes and curbs, building inlets, replacing traffic signs, and maintaining storm sewers. Major projects and accomplishments include the following.
Road Resurfacing
Radnor streets are annually resurfaced and repaired at cost effective prices as a result of an ongoing cooperative bidding arrangement between Radnor, Newtown, and Middletown Townships. Numerous potholes, many of them the result of the winter, were also repaired throughout the year.

Snow & Ice Removal
As always, we applaud the unparalleled efforts of our public works crews, many of whom get little sleep during snow removal peaks, in keeping Radnor roads the best in the area during storm emergencies.

Leaf Collection
From late October through mid December, leaves are collected from the curbside of many of Radnor households. The leaves are then delivered by work crews to Skunk Hollow Park, where piles are turned 3-4 times a year and converted into environmentally desirable compost. The compost is available for pickup, free of charge, by township residents at six sites: The Willows, Fenimore Woods, Ithan Valley, Emlen Tunnell, South Devon Avenue/Filipone Park and Harford Park.