Household Battery Recycling

Following is a list of locations that accept household batteries. In 1993 the EPA put into law the prohibition of hazardous waste to be used in household batteries.

Household Rechargeable Batteries (A, AA, AAA, C, D, 9v)
RadioShack offer rechargeable battery drop-off points in their stores for recycling. Contact Paoli RadioShack for more information.

Rechargeable Batteries
Best Buy
Area Best Buys will accept 2 electronic items a day, including rechargeable batteries. Check the following locations for recycling: Office Depot
Office Depot accepts rechargeable batteries. Customers must purchase special recycling boxes from the store (between $5 and $15, depending on size) to dispose of items.
Button Cell Batteries
  • Montgomery County holds a number of electronic recycling events that accept all battery types. Check their info on hazardous household waste here.
  • Delaware County holds several electronic recycling events that accept all battery types. Check the county's website for the dates.
  • Philadelphia County holds several events throughout the year for collecting household hazardous waste, including all battery types. Check the schedule here. Residents can also drop their computers off at the Northwest Philadelphia sanitation station on Domino Lane.