Friends of Ithan Valley Park

Recent Events

Ithan Valley Park Dedication Ceremony for Park Efforts! (click here for event program)
Saturday, September 24, 2016 at 1:00 PM - please meet at the park parking lot.

 In 2011, the Friends of Ithan Valley Park was formed to celebrate the history of the park and begin a preservation effort. The Friends have been working on various projects to enhance the park and call attention to its heritage as an arboretum and its historical trees. The Friends have gotten help from local volunteer clean-ups and volunteers from Villanova's Day of Service.

Vine Cutting

Much of the work to-date has been primarily vine cutting, as the park has been left in a natural state and the vines have been the number 1 threat to the trees.

Paths & Trails

The Friends have cleaned up and re-established the existing paths - the stream path, the millrace path and the macadam road. The Friends are working with the Boy Scouts to link the macadam road path to the stream path.

Beginning in winter 2012-13, the Friends will begin blazing the southern path, which will offer a longer walk on a more level surface - more to come.

Tree Identification

The Friends have used the 2005 Tree Survey as a base for identifying and staking the noteworthy trees and plan to erect more permanent identification in the near future.

The Big Trees

Bird Sanctuary

The Friends are working with local organizations and hope to set aside a portion of the park as a bird sanctuary being left as a natural setting while introducing native plantings. This area is currently wetlands with Ithan Creek running through and is located north of Clyde Road.

More Information

The Friends have been working on a website. The site includes pictures of the trees, native flowers, the Timberline estate and much more.