Parks & Facilities

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All Park Areas and Trails are OPEN and Authorized, Permitted Usage has Resumed. 

*Please continue to practice social distancing when utilizing these areas.

 **Per the Order of the Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health Requiring Universal Face Coverings, individuals are required to wear face coverings if they are outdoors and unable to consistently maintain a distance of six feet from individuals who are not members of their household.

General Park Information 
Radnor Township is home to 29 parks and recreational facilities, containing both active recreational amenities such as playgrounds and athletic fields, and passive recreational features, like scenic views and natural landscapes. Park land spans in excess of 400 acres for the recreational pleasure of Radnor Township residents.

These open space treasures are maintained by the Public Works Department who work in cooperation with the Recreation and Community Programming Department. For individuals seeking to delight in the freedom of personal experiences, the Radnor park system offers a number of opportunities through its abundant park facilities and amenities. It is certain that members of the community will discover many forms of active and passive leisure pursuits to enhance their quality of life in Radnor Township.

To read more on each park and recreational facilities, please click from the list in the left reading pane on this page.  

Park Bathroom Accessibility

To access our park bathroom facilities, the code to enter is 1-2-3.
Exception: To access the park bathroom at Clem Macrone Park, the code to enter is 1-2-3-#.

During the winter months, park bathrooms are winterized and closed for public access. Please contact our Department for more information and dates of accessibility at 610-688-5600.  

Permitted Usage Facilities

Parks and Facilities Usage - For park or picnic area reservations, athletic field reservations, or indoor gymnasium reservations, please see the following list of facilities and click here to access our permitted usage applications for Radnor Township's Parks and Recreational Facilities.

Interested in reserving a park not listed here?  
Please call for more information at 610-688-5600.

Radnor Township Parks & Facilities Chart

Click here for a complete listing of parks & facilities in Radnor Township along with their amenities

Click here to learn more about the history of each of Radnor Township's parks!
Document is currently undergoing a revision - above document has some outdated features. 

Radnor ​Trails

There are many miles of hiking, biking, and walking trails in Radnor Township, including the Radnor Multipurpose Trail, Radnor Township's premier walking/biking trail that follows the historic P & W Train Tracks.
For a copy of Radnor Township's southern trail section map, please click here.

Dog-Friendly Parks & Recreation Areas

Radnor Skatepark

Radnor Skatepark is a cutting edge park with a variety of obstacles ranging from beginner to the advanced skater - check it out!

Parks and Recreation Board

Please click to learn more about Radnor Township's active Parks and Recreation Board.

Spotted Lantern Fly Resources

For more on the Administrative Code/Park and Recreation Areas - click here.​