Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) includes the Management's Discussion and Analysis, Independent Auditors' Report, the audited financial statements, footnotes to the financial statements as well as supplemental financial information and statistical data.  The financial statements have been prepared in accordance to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).

2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)

The Township Administration is proud to publish its 2016 CAFR. This marks the 6th straight year that the township has completed and published this comprehensive financial document. The CAFR is the product of over 6 months of collaborative work with the independent auditors, Zelenkofske Axelrod LLC, the Citizens' Audit Review & Financial Advisory Committee (CARFAC), and the Board of Commissioners. 

Approval Process

The Board of Commissioners voted to accept this report at their regular meeting on June 12, 2017. The township will again submit this CAFR to the Government Finance Officers' Association (GFOA) for their consideration for the Certificate of Achievement in Excellence in Financial Reporting. The township received GFOA's recognition for the 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015 CAFRs.

2016 CAFR

2016 CAFR Cover

2015 CAFR

CAFR Cover 12-31-2015

2014 CAFR

2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

2013 CAFR

2013 CAFR Cover

2012 CAFR

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