Strategic Projects

Sanitary Sewer

  • Lancaster Avenue Sewer Project (proposed)
  • Systematic Sanitary Sewer System Upgrade Project (proposed)
  • Skunk Hollow Sanitary Sewer Trunk Line Replacement Project (construction phase)

Stormwater Management/Flood Reduction

  • North Wayne Area - Gulph Creek Flood Plain Creation Project (design phase)
  • West Wayne Preserve and Friends of the Radnor Trail Stormwater Management Project (design phase)
  • South Wayne Municipal Parking Lot/Flood Reduction Project (design phase)


  • Wayne Business Overlay District Tree Planting & Resurfacing Project (complete)
  • Morris Road Streetscape Project (design phase)


  • County Line Corridor Study complete)
  • Traffic Adaptive System (proposed)

Pedestrian/Trail Projects

  • Matsonford Road Pedestrian Bridge Rehabilitation Project (complete)
  • Harford Park Trail (easement phase)
  • Radnor TAP Trail (design phase)
  • Darby Paoli Multiuse Trail; Also Known As Ardrossan Trail (design phase)
  • North Wayne - Poplar Station Pedestrian Safety Project (design phase)
  • North Wayne Sidewalk - From Woodsworth Court to Eagle Road (design phase)