Stormwater Fee Information

The revenue from the stormwater fee will fund:
  • Stormwater Capital Projects
  • Proactive maintenance of public stormwater infrastructure.
  • Watershed studies to identify the most impactful projects.
  • Increased inspections of stormwater management facilities.
  • Education on stormwater management issues and action that local residents and business can take to address Radnor's stormwater challenges.
The Board of Commissioners (BOC) will oversee stormwater expenditures. The Commissioners have also created a Stormwater Management Advisory Committee (SWMAC) to assist Staff and the BOC in their efforts to maintain an effective and efficient stormwater program. Resumes are currently being accepted for the committee. Please click HERE for more information.

Calculating Your Bill
Based on the program of services and approved level of funding, ratepayers will pay $29 per billing unit annually.

Single Family Residential (SFR) Properties
Single Family Residential (SFR) properties are assigned to 1 of 4 tiers based upon lot size. Fees will be assessed as shown in the table below.
Tier (Lot Square Footage)
Billing Units
Annual Fee
0 to 7,000
1 $29
7,000 to 20,000
2 $58
20,000 to 43,560
3 $87
> 43,560

Single Family Residential (SFR) Example
A developed 1/2-acre residential lot (21,780 square feet) would be assigned to Tier 3, assessed 3 BUs and charged $87 annually.

Other Developed Properties (ODP)
Other Developed Properties (ODP), which includes commercial, institutional, multi-family (e.g. apartments) and all other property types, will be billed for stormwater at a rate of 1 BU per 1,500 square feet of impervious area.

ODP Example
A developed property with 15,000 square feet of impervious area would be assessed 10 BUs (15,000 square feet per 1,500 square feet = 10 BUs) and charged $290 annually.

Further Information
More information on the Stormwater Management Program and Fees can be found online