The mission of the Engineering Department is to furnish professional expertise to various Township Boards, Commissions, Township Manager, and other departments as necessary in order for those Boards and Departments to fulfill their charge under the Township's Home Rule Charter. Some examples of our advice concern engineering, stormwater management, stormwater runoff, sanitary sewers, flood plain management, and subdivision, and land development issues within Radnor Township. The Engineering Department is the liaison to the Planning Commission, Shade Tree Commission and the Environmental Advisory Council.

Waiver of Time Periods Under 508 of MPC

View and Download the Waiver at this link.

Permit Application

COVID-19 Protocols, As of May 4th, 2020

The Engineering Department is processing grading permit applications, and development applications, Real Estate Use & Occupancy certificates, clearing permits, and Shade Tree Commission applications.   

The Corona Virus Pandemic has placed us all in an unprecedented situation.  Radnor Township is keeping essential services operating, while trying to keep services, within the bounds of CDC recommendations and the Governor’s orders, moving forward. The Radnor Township Building is open for the acceptance of the aforementioned permit applications. Pleas enter the lobby, and place your application in the box on the engineering table. While in the building, please wear a mask for facial covering, and maintain social distancing. The following outlines submission requirements. 

Land development applications:

  • Submit as usual, leaving all required information, fees, etc. in an envelope in the box.

Transfers of Real Estate U&O:

  • Submit your U&O application along with any fees in the Engineering box
    • The required smoke detector form, NOTARIZED, must be included in the application at this time.  The Township will notarize these forms if needed. If the smoke detector certification is not notarized, the application will be returned to the applicant.
    • The sump pump inspection will be done with the Township inspector. ALL Social distancing requirements are to be followed. The inspector will view the sump pump connection unaccompanied.

Grading Permit Applications

  • Submit your grading permit application, along with the required fees and plan sets, in an envelope in the engineering box.
    • All Grading Permit Applications that are over 500SF in impervious surface must include a thumb drive of the plan set (along with the requisite hard copies).

Sidewalk Permits & Road Opening Permits

  • Submit your applications, with all required fees and documents, in an envelope, in the engineering box

Questions on submission requirements? Contact Trish Sherwin at 610-688-5600, ext. 133, or

Inspection Protocols

Questions regarding permitting should be sent to Trish Sherwin,

Engineering staff are working remotely, and can be emailed of left voice mail messages, that are checked regularly:

  • Trish Sherwin, Administrative Assistant – 610-688-5600, ext. 133,
  • Doug Meder, Inspector – 610-688-5600, ext. 196,
  • Dennis Capella, PM – 610-688-5600, ext. 166,
  • Steve Norcini, Township Engineer – 610-688-5600, ext. 130,

Grading Permits

Normally all applications for construction projects must apply for a grading permit. This permit is required if the footprint of any impervious surface is being expanded and/or replaced. A grading permit must be approved before a building permit application is accepted by the Community Development Department.

Impervious Surfaces

Impervious surface is any surface that prevents the infiltration of water into the ground. Impervious surfaces include, but are not limited to, streets, sidewalks, pavements, driveway areas, or roofs. Any surface designed to be gravel or crushed stone shall be regarded as impervious surfaces.

Earth moving in any instance also institutes the necessity of a grading permit.

Subdivision and Land Development (SALDO)

All requests for subdivision and land development in Radnor are processed through the Engineering Department and reviewed for compliance with the Township's zoning code and subdivision ordinance by the Community Development, Public Works, and Engineering Departm0ents.  Their findings are considered by the Planning Commission, which also evaluates projects' adherence to the comprehensive land use plan.  The Board of Commissioners then reviews the recommendations of staff and Planning Commission members before deciding to approve or reject a proposal.

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