Workplace Safety Committee

The Board of Commissioners established the Staff Workplace Safety Committee in 1995. Working under regulations implemented by the Township Manager, this committee is composed of a mixture of management officials and non-management employees who meet monthly to discuss an array of safety issues.

Our Authority

The Township's Committee is certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry. In fact, by having the committee certified the Township is able to receive an annual 5% discount on its workers' compensation premiums which has saved the township thousands of dollars.

Functions & Responsibilities of Committee

Some of the functions and responsibilities of the Committee are: Reasonably represent all of the job activities of the workplace; Perform hazard detection; Discuss employee safety concerns; Review incident investigations and near misses; Increase safety awareness to all employees; Communicate safety concerns, ideas, and suggestions to Township Manager; Take, maintain and communicate meeting minutes; Review the Inspections of Township owned buildings; Receive annual training in workplace safety procedures.  

Since inception in 1995, the Workplace Safety Committee has grown considerably and is now comprised of 9 voting members.


The Committee bylaws may be found here Workplace Safety Committee Bylaws

2021 Workplace Safety Committee Members:

  • Ricky Foster, Chairman
  • Bob Hale - Vice-Chair
  • Mary Lou Knepshield, Secretary
  • Dennis Capella
  • Marie Carbonara
  • Heather DiCanzio
  • Joe Maguire
  • Mike Maratea
  • Trish Sherwin