2021 Comprehensive Budget

2021 Township Manager Recommended Budget

The 2021 Township Manager Recommended Budget includes appropriations for all Township funds for 2021 as well as an updated funded and unfunded capital project list.  As one can imagine, due to the pandemic and the long-term economic shutdown, the Township’s revenues for 2020 and 2021 are anticipated to drop by millions.  That being the case, the Township Manager’s Recommended Budget anticipates drawing down on General Fund reserves, suspending most capital, and adjusting some departmental fees.  At the same time, greater demands on Police have prompted a request to add three patrol officers needed to strengthen the Township’s emergency preparedness and response as well as increase police patrols in the higher density areas of the Township.  Further, due to the size and scope of the Township’s infrastructure and capital budget, the need for in-house engineering / project management as well as state-of-the art GIS mapping and modeling is paramount.  To address those needs, the proposed budget includes adding a Project Engineer and a GIS Coordinator to the staff.  Review of these requests and the larger budget will be held at various times in November, according to the Budget Calendar. 

The Board will introduce a final version of the 2021 budget at their November 23 meeting, then a final public hearing before adoption at their December 14 meeting.


Cover Page Township Manager Recommended Budget -- PUBLISHED -- October 28, 2020

2021 Comprehensive Budget Documents

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