Utility Bills

Township Utility Bills are comprised of a Sewer Rent and a Stormwater Fee.  Utility bills are mailed out every year on  April 1st and are due May 31st.  Utility Bills paid after May 31st are subject to a 10% penalty; additional monthly interest charges are applied to the unpaid portions of rents each subsequent month. 



Payments may be made in-person or by mail at Radnor Township, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087 or online.  There is no additional charge to pay with a credit card.
Important Note:  Payments are no longer accepted at the TD Bank on Lancaster Avenue in Wayne.

Important Dates

  • April 1st - Utility bills mailed
  • May 31st - Utility bills due
  • After May 31st - Utility bills paid after May 31st are subject to a 10% penalty; additional monthly interest charges are applied to the unpaid portions of rents/fees each subsequent month.

Late Charge

A 10% late charge will be applied to all unpaid balances as of June 1st. Beginning July 1st, all unpaid balances will be subject to a monthly 0.5% penalty. Any unpaid balances as of December 31st will be liened with all administrative costs being placed on the property owner's account.
If a Radnor Township property owner does not pay their utility bill by December 31st of the year after which it is originally due, a lien will be placed against the property, will be subject to a public Sheriff's Sale, until all delinquent rents/fees have been paid.

Sewer Rent

Approximately 6,900 owners of Radnor properties, which are connected to the public sewer system, are required to pay an annual sewer service charge (or rent) to Radnor Township.

More information about Sewer Rent

Stormwater Fee 

Revenue from stormwater fees fund stormwater related capital projects, proactively maintain public stormwater infrastructure, watershed studies, inspections of stormwater management facilities, and education on stormwater management issues and action.
More information about Stormwater Fee
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