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February 22, 2017 4:00 PM

Crime Alert - High End Vehicle Thefts

Starting in 2016, numerous high end vehicles (Primarily Land Rover and Mercedes Benz) have been stolen from the driveways of homes throughout Radnor Township during the overnight hours. The majority of the stolen vehicles had the keys left in the car by the owner. Other vehicles that were stolen, the actor used a garage door opener from the victim’s unlocked vehicle, entered the garage, then entered the occupied home through an unlocked door. The actor then removes the car keys from the kitchen or mud room area and steals the vehicle in the driveway.

Residents are asked to lock all vehicles and all doors, windows to the home, and to activate home alarm systems. Please do not leave the keys and valuables in the vehicle.

When applicable, residents are urged to activate any GPS location services offered by the vehicle manufacturer. In most cases, this needs to be done by the vehicle owner while inside the vehicle in order for the vehicle to be located at a later time. Please call 911 immediately if you see or hear anything suspicious. Call Radnor Police for any questions or information.

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