2017 Comprehensive Budget

In accordance with Radnor Township's Charter, the Township administration submits and presents annually to the Board of Commissioners a proposed comprehensive budget for the ensuing fiscal year, comprised of a proposed operating budget and a proposed 5 year capital program.

The proposed 2017 operating budget will include an appropriation budget for all Township funds for 2017, an updated 2017-2022 capital improvement plan, and an updated five year financial forecast which projects revenue and expense outcomes through 2022.  It  is important to note that the legal requirement of adopting appropriations is limited to the 2017 figures only. The forecast information is for informational and decision making purposes only.

The process of developing the 2017 comprehensive annual budget includes a comprehensive look at all the financial areas of the Township’s operations, levels of service, capital needs, and resource availability. With the inclusion of the financial forecast, those discussions and analysis will now expand through 2022. The theme used in developing the budget will be, “what decisions are we making today, that will allow the Township to deliver services more cost effectively in the future?” The internal process also includes reviews by the Citizens’ Audit Review and Financial Advisory Committee.

2017 Budget Items

2017 Budget Calendar

2017 Budget Calendar - v.2 October, 18 2016 (image)