Open Space Committee

The Open Space Committee meets as needed. Meeting videos may be viewed at the Township YouTube Channel.

The Open Space Committee consists of the following 10 members:
  • Elaine Schaefer, Board of Commissioners, Chairperson
  • John Nagle, Board of Commissioners
  • William Spingler, Board of Commissioners
  • John Fischer, Comprehensive Plan Implementation Committee Representative
  • Pat Gillan, Parks and Recreation Board Representative
  • Julia Hurle, Planning Commission Representative
  • Steve Paolantonio, Radnor Conservancy Representative
  • Anne Poulin, Environmental Advisory Committee Representative
  • Anne Albright
  • Susan Byrne
  • Gayla McCluskey
The Open Space Committee was formed in 1999 as an ad-hoc committee to advise the Board of Commissioners on the acquisition of land.

Review the Open Space Committee Presentation on Updating Radnor's 1991 Parks, Recreation and Open Space Plan (PDF), which was presented on September 22, 2010.

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