Radnor Township is home to a rich and vibrant cultural experience, enriched by many community groups, service-oriented organizations, local schools and universities, and religious institutions.
View our growing list of community organizations within the township. As more of these organizations develop their own web sites, they will be added to this list. Please contact us if you would like to add your non-profit organization to this ever-growing list of community organizations within Radnor Township.
  1. Community Cleanup

    Community Clean-up Day

    Saturday, May 12
    7:45 AM
    Radnor Hotel Parking Lot
  2. Tree

    Radnor Free Tree Giveaway!

    Saturday, April 28 & Sunday, April 29
    175 trees will find homes in Radnor this spring
    Register to get yours today
  3. Notifications

    Radnor Township Notifications

    We encourage all residents to please sign up to ensure that you receive proper notifications for Emergency Alerts, General Notifications & Weather Alerts through email, phone calls & texts
  4. Recycling.png

    Radnor Recycles

    Information on recycling in Radnor to help save the environment
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