Boards & Commissions

There are vacancies on the following Boards & Commissions:

As of June 15, 2017

  • Environmental Advisory Council
    1 Vacancy
  • Radnor Memorial Library
    1 Vacancy
  • Shade Tree Commission
    1 Vacancy
Interested residents should submit their resumes to Mr. Robert Zienkowski, Township Manager 
Radnor Township, 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne, PA 19087 or by email
  1. Board of Commissioners

    As provided by the Home Rule Charter, the voters of Radnor give legislative and executive authority to a Board of Commissioners. The board is Radnor's governing body. It consists of 7 members, each representing one of the 7 wards comprising the Township.

  2. Board of Health

    The Board of Health advises the Board of Commissioners and the Department of Community Development on matters of public health to promote awareness by Township citizens (AIDS, food handling, rabies, and lyme disease have been topics of recent discussion).

  3. Citizens Audit Review & Financial Advisory Comm.

    CARFAC has invested 8 months working with the Township Administration, the Township's labor attorney, and the Township's actuary firm to study, quantify and make recommendations with regard to the current and long-term impact of the pension and other post-retirement benefits.

  4. Citizens Communications Council

    This council is responsible for advising the Board and township staff on policy and administrative matters relating to cable television, telecommunications, wireless facilities, and new and emerging communication technologies.

  5. Civil Service Commission

    The Civil Service Commission enforces rules and regulations approved by the board, certifies qualified applicants for positions and promotions within the Police Department, and investigates matters concerned with the civil service provisions in the Township's Administrative Code.

  6. Code Appeals Board

    The Code Appeals Board reviews all building and construction codes and recommends modifications to township ordinances as necessary, and the board hears appeals regarding the township staff's interpretation of the aforementioned codes.

  7. Design Review Board

    The Design Review Board reviews applications for signage, new buildings, and facade renovations for compliance with the Township's Sign Ordinance and related landscaping regulations.

  8. Environmental Advisory Council

    The Environmental Advisory Council serves as a clearinghouse for issues of any environmental nature. The EAC recommends plans and programs to the appropriate Township agencies for identification and resolution of environmental problems.

  9. Ethics Board

    The Ethics Board hears and investigates any complaints of alleged ethics violations and may render confidential advisory opinions.

  10. Historic & Architectural Review Board

    The Historic and Architectural Review Board (HARB) was created to protect and enhance the North Wayne Historic District for the educational, cultural, economic, and general welfare of the public through preservation, protection, and regulation of buildings of historic interest or importance within the district, and to safeguard elements of architectural history throughout the district which have been determined to be of historic significance.

  11. Open Space Committee

    The Open Space Committee was formed in 1999 as an ad-hoc committee to advise the Board of Commissioners on the acquisition of land.

  12. Parks & Recreation Board

    The Parks and Recreation Board advises the Board of Commissioners and the Department of Recreation and Community Programming on matters of recreational policy and the development and maintenance of parks and open space in the township.

  13. Planning Commission

    The Planning Commission makes recommendations to the Board of Commissioners on all land development and subdivision applications that are submitted to the Township.

  14. Radnor-Haverford-Marple Sewer Authority

    The Radnor-Haverford-Marple (RHM) Sewer Authority is responsible for providing treatment of all sewage emanating from the Darby Creek Drainage Basis in Radnor, Haverford, Marple, Newtown, and Tredyffrin townships.

  15. Rental Housing Appeals Board

    Formed in 2001, the Rental Housing Appeals Board considers appeals regarding the Township's Code Officials' determinations in the enforcement of the rental housing ordinance.

  16. Shade Tree Commission

    The Shade Tree Commission is responsible for reviewing subdivision and other building applications for compliance with the township's shade tree ordinance and for recommending appropriate modifications thereto.

  17. Staff Traffic Committee

    The Staff Traffic Committee meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 10 a.m. Meetings are held in the Police Roll Call Room of the Township Building, located at 301 Iven Avenue, Wayne.

  18. Stormwater Management Advisory Committee

    View the members of the Stormwater Management Advisory Committee.

  19. Villanova Project Communication & Review Committee

    Radnor Township desires to establish an on-going communication working group to address project questions, project concerns and to share information about the on-going status and advancement of the Villanova University project.

  20. Zoning Hearing Board

    The Zoning Hearing Board is a quasi-judicial body that conducts legally binding hearings and renders decisions on appeals, variances, and special exceptions to the township's zoning ordinances.