1. Business & Commerce

    Part of the town's charm lies in the myriad of "mom and pop" retail shops that line the major thoroughfares and that have operated in the township for generations.

  2. Education

    Philadelphia's Main Line and Radnor Township have become synonymous with excellence in education.

  3. Health Care

    Excellent hospitals and health care facilities are located either within or close to Radnor Township.

  4. Housing Trends

    The number of housing units in the township increased by 11.6% from 1980 to 1990.

  5. Per-Capita Income

    View details on the average per-capita income in Radnor.

  6. Population Analysis

    Get an overview of the current population of Radnor.

  7. Radnor Gateway Enhancement Strategy

    The strategy is intended to reduce the stark impact of the Blue Route and, in general, improve the visual image of the community.

  8. Transportation Networks

    The township is traversed by an extensive network of roads.

  9. Utilities

    Most properties, except in the extensive estate areas, have public water and sewer facilities.