1. Conference Room Rentals

    Radnor Township has invested into state-of-the-art conference rooms for the purpose of providing increased transparency and ease of use for the stakeholders of the community.

  2. Crime & Police Alerts

    Read the latest crime alerts.

  3. Emergency & General Notification Registration

    We encourage all residents to sign up!

  4. Film & Video Permit

  5. Open Records

    Learn about the Open Records Office.

  6. Recycling

    Learn about our recycling program.

  7. Request for Proposals / Bids

    Look up requests for proposals and bids.

  8. Request Tracker

    Take the opportunity to submit a request directly to Radnor Township

  9. Trash & Refuse

    Review information about trash and refuse.

  10. Yard Waste

    Learn about how to dispose of your yard waste.