1. Crime Tips

    Find out how to not be a victim.

  2. Demographics

    Radnor Township's section demographics includes information on population analysis, housing trends, per capita income, transportation networks, utilities, and health care.

  3. FAQ

  4. Lost & Found Items

    Review a list of lost and find items.

  5. Lost & Found Pets

    Check out a list of lost and found pets.

  6. Master Planning for Garrett Hill

    The Garrett Hill Coalition (GHC) was formed on October 17, 2007 to change the planning process in the development of the Garrett Hill Master Plan and Overlay District so the people of Garrett Hill can direct and create the future of their community.

  7. Master Planning for the Wayne Business District

    During the planning process of the 2003 Radnor Township Comprehensive Land Use Plan, special emphasis was placed upon the need to develop a long-term Master Plan for the Wayne Business District, establishing planning goals that would guide the future growth and development of the downtown business community.

  8. Police Public Information

    Learn about public information released by the Police Department.

  9. Social Media

  10. Speed Checks

    Find out about our speed checks.

  11. Township Facilities

  12. Township Holidays

    The Radnor Township Municipal Building is closed, and trash, recycling, and leaves are not collected on holidays.

  13. Township Maps

    Access and download township maps.

  14. Township Parks

  15. Township Trails

  16. Trash & Recycling Calendar

  17. Voting Information